Gaudere means to enjoy in latin. It is a phrase we use to approach our lives and our collections.

We are fascinated by seashells and are able to turn this love into our brand, Le Gaudere. Starting from our founder's childhood spent collecting seashells in buckets, following the tides, and sifting through seashell piles looking for the ones that caught her eye. Many years and buckets of seashells later, we bring to you these collections inspired by our surroundings, preserving its natural beauty while making it into something new.

We approach our collections in a playful and serendipitous way similar to childhood discoveries. We love the mystery, grandeur and ethereality of natural beauty and love bringing it into our accessories as something that can be shared, experienced, and worn everyday. Ancient jewelry influences our collections, especially seashell jewelry which is the oldest form of jewelry to be made. Our jewelry is inspired by ancient jewelry’s approach of taking elements from their surrounding environment to make stunning pieces to be worn.

We love play, experimenting, and relaxing. We love long days under the sun, salt air, slow summer days, outdoor dinners, film photography, exploring a new place and taking in the natural beauty around us.

We hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoy creating them.

-Le Gaudere